Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blog 5: Nice design, textures, and navigation

Looking online I found, the website for the Celtic Football Club. I think this site is strong because of all the texture and the overall tone and feeling it creates.  It has more of a darker homey feeling compared to the colder white designs that most web pages take on. I also liked the use of java script to make the tags move up and down when the mouse rolls over it. This small action makes the site more interactive and interesting.  I also like that the navigation is towards the bottom of the pages.  This also breaks from the traditional website formats but works well since the pages are short and the base pages are limited to a small amount.  Adding the circles, flowers, and arrows to the navigation as you roll over them makes you want to keep moving and discovering more about the page. Small elements like these can bring the user into the page and capture their attention quickly and easily.

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