Sunday, October 3, 2010

Blog 3: Good E-Commerce/Commercial Site

While researching e-commerce website examples I found Mission Bicycle Company ( that has a really strong design and is quite functional as a business. I think the one large image pulls your attention in quickly while featuring a product. I also like the header and navigation with the simple black symbols along with the text. The navigation is easy to follow and the structure keeps everything organized.  

ShoeGuru ( is another strong commercial site with a completely different design. This is very image based in design and is very simplistic. The navigation is still easy to follow, I especially like the image based links. On one of the pages when picking flats, boots, and sport shoes it not only says it but it also has large images of the models wearing the shoes as the navigation buttons. The grayish black background makes the page have depth and all the products stand out in high contrast.

Both of these sites have totally different styles and approaches but both are very effective.

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