Friday, April 24, 2009

Form and Content 6: Good and Bad Outside Typographic Designs

1. OfficeMax's typographic sign is strong in it's design. There is a powerful connection between the look of the font and the store's products. This is always a good quality in a logo/sign because you don't question what the product they are trying to sell is. The serifs make it look professional and remind me of a typewriter but having a font with curved lines make it appear more consumer-friendly and less harsh. The simple yellow and black color scheme coincide with a typical legal pad which also connects to its products.

2. Yes Issue 1's has it's strengths and weakness's in its design. With road signs and political issues, hierarchy is essential. In this case 'Yes on Issue 1' is the most essential and then the picture of the girl that relates directly to the issue and makes it personal. These evident essentials are what is strong with the design. What is weak is the rest of the sign. When you are quickly driving by something you can't read small text or information if this sign was placed by a red light or stop sign maybe more people would be able to read it but where it was located the text was not appropriate.
3. Casual Male XL's sign is another strong sign design. Because they have a small target group they were able to focus in and create a design that their specific customers would like. The font is modern and masculine. It is also nice how they tie in the the orange bar with the orange XL. Having the XL larger also connects with the products being sold and the literal meaning of the word.
4. The Marathon Gas pump's design has its strengths and weakness's but overall it is weak in it's design. There simply is too much going on for your eye to focus on and there is a lack of flow and unity. There is a lot of typography and colors and there is no clear hierarchy. Someone that is not used to pumping their own gas could be quite intimidated by the design and layout of this gas pump. Its not as user friendly as it could be.
5. The University of Akron banner signs are strong in their design. They take in consideration that people are just quickly walking or driving by and that they are up high up so they stuck with something simple in design. I have seen banners with small type that you could never read while driving. The UA and the curved shapes look nice being repeated multiple times.
6. Flynn Environmental's design is alright but there is nothing special or anything that standouts about it. It works in hierarchy and in simplicity for the road but the type and logo is too plain that no one would remember it or see the direct connection between the logo and the business.

The biggest thing about design in the real world is that it needs to convey a message, function in its location, and stand out. Appropriateness is essential. Something can look cool but if its not functional or relates to the company its representing it is not a good design.

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