Thursday, April 2, 2009

Form and Content 5:

This print design is a poster and album cover for a Indie group, Spokes, found on the website by Attitude Design. The designer intended for it to have a retro feel. I think the strength of the works is the unity in design between them but they still have some variation within. It has a focused color scheme and the similar lines going throughout really unites all the page layouts. Theses lines also bring interest to the piece being one of the only graphic elements. The sea-foam, redish orange, and tan color help support the retro feel they were wanting to achieve. The composition works but isn't all that exciting since most of the pages have all the elements dead center in the page with similar negative space on all sides. The lines of the K help break up the rectangular shapes and the different warm and cool colored sides descend and ascend create a little more interest and depth. The hierarchy is clear since the title of the group is largest in scale and the album title is smaller in scale which automatically leads your eye to the group's title first. The typeface they chose is fairly modern in style and not having serifs allows the lines of the font to continue to the edge of the page. Overall I think this design is fairly strong but I don't like it for a cd album for a band. It seems more like a design for a business. There are no pictures of the band or any clues to lead you to believe its a band or even music related.