Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Blog 1: Top 10 Web Trends for 2010

I found on the top ten web trends for 2010. Although we try to make designs timeless the web is easily a place we can be trendy because we can constantly update it and change it according to the new trends. This year although quickly passing by has some important trends that can help make any page more interesting and more up to date. Some of the trends that I think are note worthy are single page layouts, hand drawn styles, and large items. Single page layouts are very practical in small sites. Its the no mess route but if not organized well it could be more work. They are very straightforward but if there was a lot of content it could be overwhelming and a scrolling chore.  This site gave as an example but I also found that uses a one page layout.  Here he adds he own artwork in between the sections that adds an extra touch.  He does not have any menus that can take you directly to the section that you want though so the navigation is a little more frustrating because you have to go in that order. Of course I have to bring up that the hand drawn look is in since most of the work I do seems to involve some sort of hand drawn element. Using your own writing and sketches can add a personal touch and stand out on the web where traditional fonts are typically used. A good example of this can be seen on my website of course or that encompasses a one page design and hand written elements. The last noteworthy mention is large elements. The website actually had typography, large images/photography, and introduction boxes (headers) as three different trends but basically is is trendy to have one of these be a large element on your page to get your attention. Large type in different fonts can be catching to the eye when surrounded with system fonts. A large photo can grab your attention quickly when needed especially when the content and colors are interesting. I liked the website where he has a large black and white image of himself in the background that changes on the pages. It is very contrasting to the bright and bold colored elements he places on it. I also love the easy and quick navigation of his site. Large headers also grab your attention right away and give every page a consistent feel. I feel is a good example of how large text and large headers can be fun and seek your attention. Knowing the trends is helpful in staying relevant in the quick pace of the web.  Any good design will be timeless but when the web changes and can be updated so quickly is important to be able to evolve with it and give the people what they want to see.

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