Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Blog 13: Made Thought

This portfolio site at is really different for a design consultancy site. It is very disciplined and methodical.  It is simple and fairly easy to navigate although the flow of it is slightly unconventional and took me a second to know what exactly got me to their work but after that I realized how it was organized and I could find everything.  I'm not sure its the best way to show your artistic ability but it is well organized and showcases each piece without distractions. It is not good for a quick look at his work because you have to click on each link to see it because there are no thumbnails.  Also the homepage has no obvious link but again it makes you feel like you need to pay attention to what is on the page.  With an all black background and no imagery and links everywhere your attention is really focused on what they want you to focus on. It was also nice because the format didn't have to change and he didn't have to use lightbox or any other galleries to showcase their work at a large scale.

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